It is agreed that project accepted are made on the terms herein. These items will supersede and take precedence over any terms and conditions which may appear on you or your company's Letter of Acceptance, or other documentation from Logictron. In the absence of written acceptance of these terms by you or your company, the following actions shall constitute an acceptance of these terms: instructions given by you or your company for work or delivery; or your acceptance or your company's acceptance of payment for a project proposed.


Logictron reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer's access to any or all services provided by Logictron at any time if the account or any of the services provided are deemed to have been inappropriately used and/or any of the terms and conditions have been contravened. The definition of inappropriate use is ultimately at the discretion of Logictron.


  1. Unless otherwise stated in the Letter of Acceptance, all costs stated shall be paid in Singapore dollars.

  2. The prices of the projects and services provided are exclusive of any amount for governmental customs, taxes, fees or similar costs relating to the projects and services which if payable will be borne by you or your company.

  3. Any invoice amount which is overdue will be charged with late interest at the rate of 2% per month on the outstanding balance which you or your company shall pay. Logictron reserves the right to suspend deliveries of the project while any payment is overdue.

  4. If any sum payable under this Agreement is not paid within 7 days after the due date then without prejudice to Logictron's other rights and remedies. Logictron reserves the right to charge interest on such sum on a day basis as well after as before any judgement from the date or last date for payment thereof to the date of actual payment.


  1. Logictron is entitled to register internet domain registrations for .com, .org, .net,,, .info, .biz domain names.

  2. Logictron will process your application for registration upon receipt of cleared funds & relevant domain name registration information from you. Logictron reserves the right to restrict use of this domain name until full payment has been received if Logictron registers a domain name before receipt of the registration fee.

  3. Logictron will register the name on your behalf for a period of 1 year from the date of application. Renewal of domain name may be made upon receipt of payment of renewal fees after this time period has lapsed.

  4. No refunds can be made by Logictron once the domain name has been registered.

  5. Logictron does not guarantee that the domain name requested will be registered until the registrant receives confirmation of registration from Logictron.

  6. The registrant verified that all details and information submitted in respect of a domain name registration are true and correct.

  7. The registrant is responsible for the domain name registered and ensures the way in which it is used (directly or indirectly) does not infringe the legal rights of any third party. Logictron is not responsible for the use of registered domain names especially where there may be conflict over rights to ownership.

  8. Ownership of domain name in belongs to registrant. For transfer of ownership, please fax an authorisation letter to Logictron at +65.6722 0616 with your company's letterhead and registrant's signature. $30 will be charged for per ownership transfer.

  9. The registrant indemnifies Logictron from any costs and legal proceedings that arise as a result of the registration of a domain name.

  10. Additional payment terms apply if renewal is not made promptly.

  11. Renewal Expired Domain Names. After its expiration date has passed, the domain name may be, but is not obligated to, renewed. At any time after expiration, any request to renew, an addtional fee will be imposed. After the expiration date of your domain name registration and before it is deleted or renewed, we may direct your domain name to an IP address designated by us, including, without limitation, to an IP address which hosts a parking, under construction or other temporary page that may include promotions and advertisements for, and links to, Logictron's Web site, Logictron's product and service offerings, third-party Web sites, third-party product and service offerings, and/or Internet search engines. If your domain name is not renewed, you agree that unless you notify us to the contrary we may, in our sole discretion, renew and transfer the domain name to a third party on your behalf, and your failure to so notify us after the domain name expiration date shall constitute your consent to such a Direct Transfer.


  1. The content and any activities conducted through the web site are the sole responsibility of the account holder. You are responsible for ensuring that your web site conforms to all local, state, federal, and international laws. You are responsible for securing permission to use any copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise legally protected images, text, or other web site elements.

  2. Logictron is in no way affiliated with any web sites it hosts and responsible for any views expressed. You affirmatively acknowledge that Logictron is relying on Your representation concerning Your proper use of all content on any web site You create or control.

  3. Moving your web site from one hosting server or provider to another is Your responsibility. Logictron will not transfer or FTP Your web site to another hosting provider.

  4. Account Information would be only given to registrant upon verification via email.

  5. Ownership of account belongs to registrant. Ownership can only be transferred by registrant upon verification via email.

  6. Any of the following content to be stored on it's servers:
    • Illegal Material : Including any copyrighted works, visual files or commercial audio and/or any material which is in infringement or violation of any National or International laws or regulations.
    • Adult Material : Including all pornography, erotic images or otherwise lewd or obscene content. The definition of adult material is ultimately at the discretion of Logictron.
    • Warez Material : Included pirated software, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, IP spoofing, hacking and password cracking.

  7. Your Company will be responsible for individual user's email usage. Kindly inform all the staffs in Your Company that:
    • they should not send any email attachment that exceed 10MB;
    • clear their webmail's trash and sent folder;
    • do not set keep a copy of email in the server in their mail client's (eg, Outlook) setting;
    • spamming is not allowed.

  8. Logictron charges:
    • $30 per retrieving account information (Administrator's user ID & password);
    • $30 per ownership transfer;
    • $80 for investigating of missing emails;
    • $80 for reactivating of account due to misuse.

  9. Logictron reserves the rights the terminate or deactivate the Web and Email hosting account at any time and does not compensate in any way for terminating or deactivating Web and Email hosting account if any of the above terms are infringed.


  1. The content and images used in the web site are the sole responsibility of the account holder.

  2. Your website developed by Logictron will be published within a maximum of 10 working days upon receipt of cleared funds.



Please remember that any information you disclose on your website becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personally-identifying information.



  1. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified and hold us harmless from and against any claim brought against us by a third party resulting from the provision of Services by us to you and your use of the Server, and in respect of all losses, costs, actions, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), or liabilities, whatsoever suffered and howsoever incurred by us in consequence of your breach or non-observance of these terms.

  2. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Logictron against liabilities arising out of; (1) copyright infringement; (2) any material supplied by client infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party; (3) any defective products/services sold to client from Logictron's server and (4) any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with Logictron's servers.


  1. The content and images used in the web site are the sole responsibility of the account holder.

  2. Logictron will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer.

  3. Logictron makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide. Logictron disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The includes loss of data resulting from delays, nondeliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by Logictron and its employees.

  4. Logictron reserves the rights to revise its policies at any time.



This Agreement may be terminated forthwith by either party on giving notice in writing to the other if the other party shall have a receiver appointed or shall pass a resolution for winding up otherwise than for the purpose of a bona fide scheme of solvent amalgamation or reconstruction or a court of competent jurisdiction shall make an order to that effect or if the other party shall become subject to an administration order or shall enter into any voluntary arrangement with its creditors shall cease or threaten to cease to carry on business.



  1. Neither Logictron nor you or your company shall be responsible for delays or lack of performance resulting from events of Force Majeure which shall include but not limited to fire, flood, epidemic, earthquake, storm, tidal wave or other acts of nature; riot, war, hostility, public disturbance or acts of public enemies; strikes or other labour disputes or work stoppages; prohibitions by or acts of governments or public agencies; failure or interruption of transportation or other utilities; and all unforeseeable events beyond recognised as Force Majeure in general international commercial practice.

  2. If an event of Force Majeure occurs, a party's contractual obligations affected by such an event under this Agreement shall be suspended during the period of delay caused by the Force Majeure and shall be automatically extended, without penalty, for a period equal to such suspension. The party claiming Force Majeure shall promptly inform the other party in writing and shall furnish within fifteen (15) days thereafter sufficient proof of the occurrence and duration of such Force Majeure. In the event of Force Majeure, the parties shall immediately consult with each other .in order to find an equitable solution and shall be all reasonable endeavours to minimise the consequences of such Force Majeure.



Logictron reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the Site. Due to its policy of updating and improving the site, Logictron may change these Terms.



All notices or demands shall be effective if in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly made when sent to Logictron in the following manner to: 457 Upper East Coast Road #07-03 Singapore 466503.



This agreement is governed by Singapore law and you hereby submit irrevocably to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.




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